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Operating in South Louisiana since 2007

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Experience Matters

Shelf Energy was founded in 2007 with the purpose of identifying good quality, low-risk oil and gas projects. Shelf Energy is comprised of a group of experienced professionals with disciplines in geology, geophysics, engineering, drilling, land, acquisitions, completions and production throughout South Louisiana.

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Investment Opportunities

Shelf Energy explores, develops and redevelops properties in South Louisiana where the team has found substantial reserves that continue to bring opportunities for developing oil and gas investment opportunities. Shelf Energy currently has oil and gas projects available for investing and/or direct participation in wells. Learn more about the benefits of investing in oil and gas through our website, and contact us today to get started.

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Significant Tax Advantages

Investing in the oil and gas industry has many monetary and tax benefits. Oil and gas investments may be used to hedge portfolios that are heavily weighted in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Tax benefits may include Intangible drilling costs (IDC), Intangible Completion Costs (ICC), Depreciation, Depletion Allowance, & Amortization (DD&A), Lease Operating Expenses (LOE).

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Specializing in South Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Exploration and Development.

Shelf Energy, LLC develops and redevelops properties to bring opportunities for oil and gas investments. Shelf Energy currently has oil and gas projects available for investing and or direct participation in wells. Contact us today to learn more.

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