Greg L. Stanonis

Greg L. Stanonis

Geological Manager

Greg L. Stanonis is the Geological Manager for Shelf Energy, LLC. Mr. Stanonis has worked as a geologist since 1979. He specializes in taking an analytical approach to each project. Mr. Stanonis began his career as a cartographer and technical editor of several USGS mapping projects that involved the evaluation of coal reserves in Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming. Mr. Stanonis has worked for Marathon Oil, Ocean Energy/Devon and Marlin Energy. 
Mr. Stanonis has experience discovering and developing new reserves in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. He was involved in both Magnolia GB 783 and Red Hawk GB 877 Gulf of Mexico deep-water discoveries. Mr. Stanonis is proficient at solving complex structural and stratigraphic problems using well logs, production, and seismic data. Mr. Stanonis has served as an expert witness for oil and gas hearings in both Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Mr. Stanonis received a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Eastern Illinois University and his Master of Science in Geology from Southern Illinois University. He also holds an Associate in Electrical Engineering from Harper College. Mr. Stanonis is a member of the Lafayette Geological Society, and he is also an American Association of Petroleum Geologists Certified Petroleum Geologist.
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Oil and Gas Exploration and Development.

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