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Our Latest Acquisition of the Cheramie No.2 Well and Plaisance No. 1 Well in the Bully Camp Field, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Cheramie #2 – Lafourche Parish – Producer 20-23 bod

Cheramie #2 – Lafourche Parish – Tank and Load Out Facility

Drilling of the Shelf Energy, LLC; Hayes Minerals, LLC et al. Well No. 2, Leblanc Field, Allen Parish, Louisiana.

Photos and video from The "Buddy" prospect in Anse La Butte Field, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana.





Brown Odom #1 and Pintail #1

Drilled / Completed 4th Qtr 2018 - 1st Qtr 2019

Location prior to installation of Facility 1st Qtr 2019

Workover Rig Completing Wells – April 2019

Workover Rig Final Completion – April 2019

Preparing to Perforate – April 2019

Final Preparations before Perforating – April 2019

Testing Wells – April 2019

Removing Waskey Slabs from Pilings – July 2019

Install additional pilings and support for Waskey Slab July 2019

Grouting in Pilings for Waskey Slab July 2019

Finishing Off Deck for Facility Equipment – July 2019

Permatization July 2019

Flare Line from Facility – August 2019

Facility Installed on Waskey Slab – August 2019

Facility Installed on Waskey Slab – August 2019

Drilling Prospect - Doornbos #1 – Staking the Location – July 2019

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Specializing in South Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico
Oil and Gas Exploration and Development.

Shelf Energy, LLC develops and redevelops properties to bring opportunities for oil and gas investments. Shelf Energy currently has oil and gas projects available for investing and or direct participation in wells.  Contact us today to learn more.